⚔️War Legends x Galxe Partnership⚔️

The War Legends team is constantly on the lookout for the best partnerships. That’s why we have chosen Galxe, the leading Web3 credential data network in the world🗺️. A collaborative credential infrastructure enabling brands and developers to engage communities and build robust products in Web3

We are sure that this alliance will bring opportunities and great benefits to both of us. That is wherefore, from the very beginning, we will count on this platform for our next activities: tournaments, giveaways, events… Here is our space with great opportunities to WIN exclusive OAT benefits! 🏆


About the Initiative

Both projects are constantly growing, offering pioneering initiatives to the web3 community. To create a strong community⏫, we will count on the technology that Galxe provides us with to make campaigns more efficient and facilitate some processes such as the creation of OATs rewards, specific features…

It is also a great opportunity to make ourselves known to the great community that Galxe has. From War Legends we know that we have the perfect ingredients to reach the moon🚀: an entertaining and playable game, a motivated and dedicated team and a community growing day by day. So, let’s battle together!

About Galxe🌌

Galxe has a specific mission: to power an open and collaborative credential data network. We help Web3 developers leverage credential data to build better products and communities. At the same time, data curators contribute to our credential data network while earning income once the data is utilized.

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About War Legends🔥

War Legends is a military-themed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed on top of blockchain technology that functions as its own metaverse and has non-fungible tokens (NFTs) alongside Play-to-Earn (P2E) elements.

Find our new trailer here⬇️

Become a Legend taking advantage of our 3 current events, where you can win only participating:

  • Single Player Tournament🎮destroy all 20 enemies in the shortest time possible! Play in Stalingrad, Normandy, or North Africa in this frantic mode where every second counts! Win an NFT just for participating, here are all the details:

Play & WIN over $4000 worth of NFT’s & USDT!🔥

Experience the Madness! We’re pleased to announce that the Single Player Tournament is now available for playtesting…


  • Stream and Earn📷We want to reward you for sharing War Legends with your friends and family, so if you stream War Legends, you can win our NFTs at the same time you enjoy the game! Follow the steps below:

Stream War Legends and Earn!🎖️

Play and Earn our NFTs! Share with the world the Legend you are!


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