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War Legends is a Tank based MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) built on blockchain technology. It is set in a world where WW2 never ended, it only evolved, new genius weapons and defenses were invented and now it is up to you and your friends to take out the enemy forces using the millions of destructive and creative tank builds in the fast-paced, strategic war game.

So... Are you ready to discover its biggest secrets and all the details of its key pieces? Step into a dystopian world, full of frantic battles, history and legends! Let's go!

Wow, we are well in the middle of the battle. Once we know our story, it's time to get to know the main elements that make it up: tanks, heroes and abilities!

Let's see them!






The game is set in 1953 when the Great War is still entrenched within old Europe and is extended by force throughout the Pacific. Alongside this, the African continent became the gameboard of the decadent powers of the Old Order.

Following the Álamo Gordo incidents, the development of new nuclear energy was supposed to end the war.

However, this was stalled due to the high and dangerous level of instability.
The balance of power on The Axis side staggers under strange circumstances after the death of the Führer.

However, on the Western Front, new figures have emerged as heroes, ones that are praised by the masses after numerous years of the campaign, and various political factions are aiming to control the Reich as a result of this.

The United States was required to sharpen its focus on the Pacific's campaign endeavor. The Allied side is not having the best-case scenario, as it lost the French wide territories, and the last North African defeats and recriminations did nothing except raise discouragement and mistrust.

On the other side of this spectrum, after fourteen years of conflict, the great famine and the countless casualties have left the Soviet Union in an alarming downfall. Only the tenacious perseverance of the people and the iron fist of their leaders can secure the war production as a means of maintaining the balance on the Eastern Front.

The few States that kept their state neutral in old Europe have taken part with some of the dispute sides, and only the South American countries maintained their neutrality status and became the lead suppliers of raw materials to the contenders as a result.