Stream War Legends and Earn!🎖️


We are very excited to see how our ranking is growing day by day. Seeing your tanks, heroes, and skills doing their best is a pleasure for our team!⚔️

But we want more, we need more!

We wish to see you playing in real time! Prepare your artillery and get ready to destroy the enemy!💥

We are glad to introduce you our STREAMING EVENT!📹 Yes, you read that right! We are going to give you prizes for playing! The only requirement is to enjoy and share it with the world!🗺️

The mechanics are the following:

1️Everyone can participate and become the next big streamer of Web 3 games🎮Download our beta here:

2️Fill up the following form⬇️

3️ Stream on Twitch or on our Discord, and share it to the world!

And that’s all!

The exciting incentives for our streaming participants are divided by Milestones Rewards:

  • For every 3 hours streamed — 1 Common NFT
  • For every 5 hours streamed — 1 Rare NFT🔵
  • For every 10 hours streamed — 1 Epic NFT🟣
  • For every 20 hours streamed — 1 Legendary NFT🟡

** Streaming hours can be on different days, the team will reach out and discuss further details to confirm participants.

Don’t miss this opportunity and be the authentic Legend you are!🏆


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