Road To Glory: How to win War Legends Tournaments?

ICYMI: We held our first big tournament with 

BlockchainSpace. It was a fierce competition between 28 teams across 18 Guilds with a total prize pool of over USD$7,000 🎁

With so many competitive guilds fighting their way for glory. SLG emerged victoriously at the top. We had the honor to gather a few words from the team and would like to share with our community their tips and tricks to win War Legends Tournaments and claim the title of Legends.

“The game’s fresh take on the MOBA genre, which centers around tanks instead of heroes, combined with its stunning graphics, made it an instant hit with the guild members.”

Winning MOBA tournaments involves lots of practicing and coordination with your team. And that is what SLG did 🎮

They began practicing the game daily, delving deep into the strategies, heroes, and abilities to improve their gameplay. After about a week of practicing, the Dev team offered them a practice game. Full of confidence, they eagerly accepted the challenge. However, the result was not what they had expected — they were soundly beaten. Even high MMR players in other games had a hard time translating their skills to War Legends due to the different dynamics and gameplay mechanics. 👻

“Undeterred, SLG doubled down on our practice sessions, refining our strategies and getting to know the game’s abilities inside and out.”

Their preparation and practice paid off, as they were better prepared than their opponents and had a competitive edge. The other guilds were caught off guard by SLG’s unique strategies, which they had honed during their extensive practice sessions. SLG’s victory was a testament to their hard work and dedication. The next games against the Dev team they came out on top and the hard work proved fruitful.

“The semifinals against CTG were particularly challenging, but we persevered and emerged victorious.”

In conclusion, SLG’s victory in the War Legends tournament was the result of their practice and preparation. They learned from their defeat against the Dev team and made sure they were well-prepared for the tournament. Their perseverance and hard work paid off, and they emerged victorious. Congratulations to Shadow Legacy Guild on their well-deserved win! 🏆🥇

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