Christmas Event: Play MOBA mode to Win!🎄🏆

Ho ho ho soldiers!🪖🎅

Christmas, the most memorable time of the year, is upon us, and the War Legends team wants to celebrate it with you! Being a time when family and friends get together, we want the War Legends family to get together too!👪

That’s why we’ve organized MOBA’s tournaments! The main mechanic is that if you create and play games with your friends or the War Legends community from the 23rd to 31st of December, you could WIN Bronze Lootbox!🎁

WOW! We have 3 lootboxes to give away among the players of War Legends during this magical season! Let’s go into detail!👀

To participate, you must follow the following steps⬇️

  1. Have a War Legends account🔒. Register here if you don’t have it:
  2. Download the game:
  3. Play a match making game or create a Custom Game in the MOBA mode with your friends or our community🎁
  4. Enjoy War Legends!🎮
  5. Share a moment (screenshot, video…) to your Twitter with the hashtag #WarLegendsChristmas

Don’t miss this chance to enjoy War Legends and WIN!🏆Let’s battle!

*The winners will be announced on 9th January.

Also, we want to remind you about the different contests we have going on right now:

  • Single Player Tournament💥destroy all 20 enemies in the shortest time possible! Play in Stalingrad, Normandy, or North Africa in this frantic mode where every second counts! Win an NFT just for participating, here are all the details⬇️

Play & WIN over $4000 worth of NFT’s & USDT!🔥

Experience the Madness! We’re pleased to announce that the Single Player Tournament is now available for playtesting…

  • Stream and Earn📹We want to reward you for sharing War Legends with your friends and family, so if you stream War Legends, you can win our NFTs at the same time you enjoy the game! Follow the steps below⬇️

Stream War Legends and Earn!🎖️

Play and Earn our NFTs! Share with the world the Legend you are!

And the different active campaigns, where our collaboration with Galxe is giving away so many benefits:

✨ Exclusive AMAs Rewards.
💎 Whitelist to War Legends Events.
🔥 Special discounts on our Lootboxes.
💥 Additional benefits with other Web3 partners.

War Legends Socials OAT by Playchain

Join War Legends Socials OAT NFT campaigns created by Playchain on Galxe. OAT exclusively designed for War Legends BETA…

As you can see, we want you to enjoy War Legends while unlocking new tanksheroes, and abilities!🔥

Stay tuned for new activities and Merry Christmas🎄dear Legends! 2023 is coming with many surprises! 🎉The battle has just begun!⚔️


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