Last opportunity to get our 50% Presale Lootboxes off💥 and new lootboxes coming! 🤯

Legends, listen up! Our Presale Lootboxes, which are currently 50% off and contain five unique NFTs, will be leaving the marketplace on April 20th. This is your last chance to grab these amazing high drop chance boxes before they’re gone for good.🔥

But fear not, we’re not taking away the fun of earning lootboxes. Going forward you will earn currency through winning matchmaking games that you can purchase our new lootboxes with, making the experience even more exciting. These boxes will have a lower drop chance and only contain three NFTs per box, but each TankHero and Ability will be even more rare and valuable.🆙

We want to give our players the best possible gaming experience, and we believe that earning lootboxes in-game is the next step in doing just that. By making the process more rewarding as you play and earn lootboxes in-game, we’re ensuring that each NFT you receive feels like a special and unique item to add to your collection.✨

Lootboxes are not the only thing changing with the new system, NFT burning and NFT upgrades will also be implemented at the same time.

But before these changes take effect, make sure you take advantage of our Presale Lootboxes. They’re currently 50% off and contain five amazing NFTs each, and have the best odds for Epics and Legendary NFTs you will ever see in War Legends. Find them here!⬇️

After April 20th, these boxes will be removed from the marketplace permanently and replaced by our new boxes.

Before we go, we want to present you our last activity where you can earn $WAR tokens! You need to engage this tweet and during these weeks until our IGO with Seedify Fund you have the chance to win an allocation! Click here to go directly to the tweet!

This is only the beginning! stay very tuned for what is coming!

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