Tank Editor Halloween Contest🎃

Our team is working really hard to release the beta version of our multiplayer mode!🎮

Meanwhile, we want to see you preparing your tanks! So…due to the approaching Halloween , we have decided to organize a Tank Editor Halloween Contest!👻

Yeah! We want to see the spookiest and scary tanks! 🦇 To do this wet have our super Tank Editor that allows us millions of different combinations! So bring out your creative side!

Participating is very easy! Let’s take a look at the steps:

Enter to the Tank Editor

1️Download our game, if you don’t have it yet, here: https://warlegends.co/,

2️Login into your account (if you don’t have account follow these steps: https://medium.com/@warlegends/war-legends-guide-and-some-tips-%EF%B8%8F-a7d67a336f9a), and go to Headquarters section:

3️Customise your tank with our theme in mind: Halloween💀

4️Share your tank on Twitter (tagging us: @ warlegendsco), to our Discord or our Telegram!

We will be uploading all the tanks on our Discord and the most acclaimed by our community will WIN BRONZE LOOTBOX!🏆

You can participate until the 4th November!

We are testing your most terrifying creativity🎨! We’re looking forward to your horror designs😱!

Oh! Before you leave! Just 2 reminders!

These next few days are the end of two very important activities we have going on:

Last 2 Days to participate in our Token Airdrop!⚔️

Take advantage and WIN WAR$!

Follow all these steps⬇️

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And that’s not all, we are in the LAST 4 DAYS to participate in our current Single Player tournament!🔥

Only by participating you will receive an NFT ability! 🎖️And more prizes! All the details here⬇️

Play & WIN over $4000 worth of NFT’s & USDT!🔥

Experience the Madness! We’re pleased to announce that the Single Player Tournament is now available for playtesting…


See you in the front line, Legends!🥇

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