War Legends Guideline and Tips!🪖

Hi Legends!🔥

How are those battles going?⚔️, we’re excited to see you trying out our beta, getting your feedback and seeing how you get the best weapons to achieve the victory!

From the War Legends team, we want to give you the best experience, so today we give you a brief introduction on how to create your personal account andwe will give you a few tips for our beta. Lets go!🎉

  1. To log in to War Legends, you have to go to our lootbox sales page and connect your wallet!⬇️


2. Once we have the wallet connected, you will get the My Account menu on the right. To register in our platform click on Accounts Details.🔍

3. Then fill in the form with your data💾

4. Click on send and your account is ready!

5. And now comes the best moment, the moment to play! 🎮So, download our beta, on our official website or on our marketplace and start your adventure to become a true legend!🎖️

Once you start the game you will be logged in directly, and you will have access to your own NFT Catalogue where you can find the free ones and the purchased ones, . Furthermore, you can edit your tank as you wish!✨ Oh yes, soldier, you can customize your main weapon, be as original as you can and win with your own style!😎

To finish this post, here are some tips on how to get a place on our beta’s leaderboard:

Which is getting tighter and tighter, and not for less! You can WIN up to 4000$, yes, you read that right!💣

Get your boots and helmet ready and get into a frenetic war for victory!🏆 Take note of the following tips:

  1. Avoid taking stray bullets.

2. Try to fight two tanks at the same time, you’ll save precious seconds!⚔️

3. Combine the air missile (or a rocket) with the enemy mines. When you shoot at an enemy mine, it explodes (wait until the opponent is on top of it to maximize the damage)

4. Try to understand the maphave fun, find the respawn areas to optimize your hunting route Let them run after you to lay mines easily. ❤️‍🔥

And as you know, the NFT in the lootboxes can allow you to have a tankhero or ability better than those we give you for free! So, take advantage buying them with an exclusive 50% discount here💥: https://market.warlegends.co/

Now you are prepared! We want to see your best times and punctuations, so share them to our social media channels!

See you in the front line, Legends!🥇

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