War Legends Single-Player Tournament results and BIG news coming!🔥


It’s time to announce the winners of our Single-Player Tournament!👀

Firstly, we want to thank all the participants for all your feedback and patience, as the beta has been constantly changing during these months. We have learned a lot during the whole event and tried to give you a new and better experience with each new build!💥

Without further ado, let’s get to our top 10! The unbeatable legends of these months…

1. Nohands 02:04

2. Swoin 02:10

3. Faith 02:14

4. MR EBD 2:52

5. Dablicious 2:53

6. Dice 03:01

7. Burjuy05 03:19

8. SebaHero 03:55

9. crocodealer 05:00

10. Rubix_Star 05:02

Congratulations! 🥳You will receive your loot boxes inside our marketplace during these following days! And for the top 3 the quantity of USDT in your wallet! Don’t forget to share with us your new cards!👀

And that’s not all… as you already know, all participants will have an NFT ability in their marketplace account! ⚖️Try them, in our new beta version🔥 and discover a new map🗺️, amazing skills💥, exciting MOBA modes🎮, hero re-designs🦸… and much more!⬇️

War Legends – 4v4 Tank MOBA

War Legends is a military-themed 4v4 Tank MOBA game developed on top of blockchain technology that functions as its own…


We take this post to remind you of the most frenetic news we’re experiencing at the beginning of the year:

— IGO next 10th February with Seedify!

A significant action coming up is the fact that our IGO is just around the corner. Next February 10th our $WAR token will be released under our incubation with Seedify! Read all the details here!

War Legends: Join The Battle Now and Become The Next War Legend

Hello Seedify Community,


— Weekly tournaments are coming!

Very soon, every week you will have the chance to win very juicy prizescompeting with players from all over the world, eager to reach the top 1 !

Stay tuned to all our social media to be informed about everything! The war just has begun!

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