War Legends x Blockchainspace Tournament Rulebook📒



  • These rules only apply to the War Legends x Blockchainspace Tournament. They do not apply to any other competitions, tournaments or any other esports activities organized by War Legends and Blockchainspace.
  • All teams are required to read the general rules and tournament-specific rules. Participation in the tournament signifies that the team agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations.
  • By joining any tournaments organized by Blockchainspace, all teams and participants will allow Blockchainspace to use their image (team logos, participant photos, interview videos etc.) in promotional materials.
  • This includes the right to play, and/or upload all footage taken from the tournament to the War Legends and Blockchainspace social media platforms and/or channels.

Tournament Structure


  • Participation criterion is open to all Guild.
  • A player may only be registered and play for a single team.
  • Guilds may register multiple teams but will require them to register on separate registration applications.
  • In the event where the registered teams have exceeded the limited threshold, priority will be given to the Guilds in Blockchainspace’s ecosystem to fill the slots.
  • Tournament officials can change eligible Guild’s participation whenever necessary.
  • Tournament officials and tournament staff cannot participate in events that they actively preside over.


Each team must designate a team leader, who can be external e.g team manager. The team leader is the link between the team and those responsible for the tournament and may not belong to another team regardless of the function in the same competition. Team Leaders have the following responsibilities:

  • Representation of the team in communication with those responsible for the tournament, which means constant availability and notification in the event of a short absence.
  • Representing the team in communication with other teams.
  • Passing on all required information to the entire team e.g schedule, tournament format.
  • Accurately represent the views of the entire team.
  • Tournament operation and communication between Players and Tournament Officials will happen over the communication platform, Discord.
  • The main official communication method of the tournament is through the War Legends Discord channel. https://discord.gg/warlegends
  • Communication for selected match broadcast will be on the BlockchainSpace discord server: https://discord.gg/blockchainspc

Tournament Format🎮

Platform: PC/Steam
Version: Current available patch
Mode: 4v4 Custom Multiplayer
Teams: up to 32

Single Elimination Bracket divided into 2 (Bracket A & B)

  • Best of 1 Matches The players will play the Normandy map.
  • If necessary, Tournament Organizers may employ changes on the bracket to avoid Guilds with more than one team battling each other at least in the Round 1 of the tournament.


March 28
Group A Eliminations — 8pm PHT

March 29
Group B Eliminations — 8pm PHT

March 30–6pm PHT
Group A and B Round 2 Group A and B Semifinals

March 31- 6pm PHT
Group A and B Finals Grand Finals
Checking 1 hour before the match starts in the BSPC Discord, so we know you are ready.


Prizes will be awarded according to the graphics below.
Distribution of rewards will be processed by Blockchainspace and War Legends.

All participants of the War Legends x Blockchainspace Tournament, as well as those receiving special prizes and awards, will be given badges that’ll be viewable in their wallets. Details on where they can view it will be provided in the coming weeks.

Match Guidelines

User Responsibilities✔️

  • Players will use their own game and discord account throughout the tournament. Request to change accounts is subject to approval by the Tournament Official.
  • Accounts obtained through scholarship will be allowed given that they can submit necessary documents from their Managers as proof of their mutual agreement if requested by the tournament organizers.
  • In the event of technical difficulties, it is up to the participant to be responsible for their set-up, connection, and hardware. Inability to reconnect to the game, or establish a secure connection may result in game loss, match loss, or removal from the event.


  • Preparation times are the first fifteen (15) minutes before the start time (unless otherwise specified) and the five to ten (5–10) minutes between games. The teams should use this time to check whether they are optimally prepared. All Teams and Players in a match should be in the game and ready to start for the official game.
  • All matches of the tournament should start as stated on the schedule or instructions from the discord server. The grace period for the first round is 20 minutes and 10 minutes for the succeeding rounds. Failure to attend for their match on time may result in disqualification.
  • In the event where the opposing team is neither responding nor is ready after the grace period of the scheduled match, this should be reported as no-show in #results-tournament

Game Start👾

Participating Teams will be responsible for the creation of custom lobbies and adding their opponents, unless stated otherwise by the Tournament Admin.

Games should start with only 8 players (4 from each team) in the lobby unless it’s a broadcasted match where observer accounts should be joining.

Match Results📋

Winning teams must submit a match report in discord (#results-tournament) including the necessary details on their match win.

Failure to do report with the above instructions may end in forfeiting their win incase of a dispute.

Appeal or Match Protests⚔️

A protest can be made regarding any irregularities, infringements or other concerns in the tournament. A protest may also be filed during a match for things like incorrect server settings and other related issues.

The Teams / Players can file for Match Protest and contest Match Results only within 60 mins after the official start of the match.

Broadcasted Matches🎧

On broadcasted matches, Teams are required to add Tournament Admin’s War Legend accounts for monitoring purposes.

Teams assigned to a game broadcast must be ready 30 minutes before their scheduled match.

Game Specific Rules


All tanks, commanders and parts are available to use in the tournament

In the event there’s changes on the restrictions, Tournament Admins will communicate this through Discord announcements.


  • When disconnected, the player’s teammates shall pause the game immediately, and the referee shall be notified by the team about the situation.
  • In the situations listed below, relevant matches shall become void upon confirmation and final decision by the referee, and a re-match shall be conducted. In the case of unidentified bugs or unintentional occurrences of bugs.
  • Referee’s decision, the result is announced at the completion of the match. In the event of either the referee or observer PC malfunctioning, the match shall continue if it’s considered to have no influence on the match.

Bugs and Glitches

The abuse of bugs is strictly forbidden and may be sanctioned to varying penalties.

Code of Conduct

Forbidden Behavior🚫

  • If a player of a team commits misconduct or any inappropriate act in a team event, the referee may take disciplinary action against the team which can include a caution, warning, forfeit, or expulsion.
  • Every participant has to show the needed respect towards referees and other participants. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behavior towards anyone are not tolerated and will be punished.
  • Every team and participant has to try to win every game at every stage of the competition. Purposefully losing for any reason is strictly forbidden.
  • When a player of a team is found manipulating the client to customize the game beyond the range of settings provided in-game, the team’s participation may be forfeited upon the referee’s decision.
  • Accounts — Players shall participate in the match with their own ID as stated in their registration details.


Rule Changes🔄

Tournament Officials reserve the right to modify these Rules from time to time, in order to ensure fair play and the integrity of War Legends x Blockchainspace Tournament.

Best Interest of the Tournament🔥

War Legends and Blockchainspace Admins at all times may act with the necessary authority to preserve the best interest of War Legends x Blockchainspace Tournament. This power is not constrained by the lack of any specific language in this document.

Thank you all for participating, and we will make sure that the tournament will be as profitable and entertaining as possible for everyone!💥

Let’s battle it out!💪

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