March Recap, Guild Wars and big news coming!🥳

Dear Legends,

We are pleased to provide you with our latest developments and recent achievements over the past few months. We have been working hard to build various exciting events, partnerships and collaborations with multiple partners.

War Legends Activities:

We introduced several new in-game activities and events for our community to participate, engage and really have fun with each other and us. Including a new quest line for guildsdaily challenges and limited-time events. These activities have been well received by the community and have helped keep them engaged with our game. Discord has been LIT🔥

  • Engaging Treasure Hunt, Tank Editor, 1v1 Tournaments
  • A total of 6 AMA + Game sessions have been conducted with over 1.5K listeners
  • Almost 12K NFTs were minted from our Galxe Campaigns
  • Guild Wars Tournament, co-organized with BlockchainSpace

Guild Wars Tournament:

It was an epic battle between 28 teams over the course of 4 days. Here all the details

⚔️War Legends x Blockchainspace Tournament Announcement⚔️

We are looking for your guild to discover a pioneer tank MOBA 4 vs 4 and WIN amazing prizes in a unique competition!

We had amazing plays made by the SLGCTG and NFTXSTREET(Sub-Dao, YGG) teams and many more. We will be releasing a series of video recaps, definitely watch out for them on our social media!

We are glad to receive all the love from our growing community, andwe want to thank everyone for their participation and kind feedbacks.❤️ This tournament will be fueling us to organize more or even bigger tournaments in the upcoming weeks.


We believe that it is extremely important for us to build strong and long-lasting relationships with other Web 3 partners to ensure the game’s continued success for our community and its ecosystem of network. These partnerships have helped increase our reach and attract new players to War Legends. It increases visibility and more fun in our day-to-day game sessions with the community. Definitely huge shoutout to Blockchainspace, Shadow Legacy Guild and many others.😍

These are some of the new partnerships we have started this month:

  • Guild Partners: Morfyus, Valluna, Sage eSports, MGS, AGG Arabian Gaming Guild and many more
  • Game Aggregators: VersaGames, PlanckX, GGSlayer


These game sessions were a huge success, with over 100 guild members getting a chance to play the game and provide valuable feedback. The feedback we received allowed us to incorporate changes and improvements rapidly as we worked to make our game better everyday.🎮

We saw a significant increase in the number of players this month, with a 82% growth of new players compared to last month. This was primarily due to our marketing and community building efforts.🏗

Overall, this quarter has been a great success for us, at War Legends, with several developments that have helped us grow and attract new players. We look forward to continuing to innovate and provide exciting experiences for our players in the coming months.🔜

If you have made it till the end of this recap, we are pleased to announce very exciting things happening for us in Q2, 2023. We will soon have another occasion to do battle between different guilds! ⚔️

See you in the front line, Legends!🥇

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