War Legends Events Recap!💥

There is a lot going on for War Legends! And we want to recap all the events and activities we have! 📅

Take note, because this war…has just begun!💣

Let’s start with the most important thing… our BETA is NOW AVAILABLE! ✅ And just playing it HAS A PRIZE🏆: an ability NFT! Yes…you read that right! Check all the details here⬇️

Play & WIN over $4000 worth of NFT’s & USDT!🔥

Experience the Madness! We’re pleased to announce that the Single Player mode is now available for playtesting! 😊


This event is giving us a dizzying ranking, where you are proving to us that you are authentic Legends! ❤️🔥 Our leader board is this one right now, will you reach the top?1️

Talking about tops…our NFTs will help you to be the leader of our board! 🎖️an they are NOW available with an exclusive price! 50% OFF!🤩

The units with his offer ARE VERY LIMITED! 😱 So don’t think twice, you’ll be left without!⬇️


And that’s not all Legend…we have more to tell you! In addition to our beloved beta, we have an Airdrop running with which you can get ahead and win WAR$, our future token! We leave you the mechanics here!⬇️

📢War Legends 60,000 $WW2 Airdrop Giveaway

War Legends is excited to announce our Airdrop and Referral Campaign.


As you can see, we have so much in the pipeline, and we don’t want you to miss anything! 💖That’s why by following our social networks and keeping up to date, you can win $1000 worth of NFTs!⚔️

To end this post, I would like to introduce myself!👋 Our community is growing day by day, and I’m so glad to have you here…so welcome to our troops, Soldiers! 🪖See you in the front line!


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