Tank Editor Contest🎨

Legends! We love to see you fight, but… we also want to see your creative side!

As many of you know, as well as offering you frenetic, adrenaline-fuelled battles, we have our beloved Tank Editor to customize your tank!

So, it’s time to bring out your creative side! 🧑‍🎨 We want to see what designs represent you when it comes to giving your all on the battlefield! Our Tank Editor allows us millions of different combinations! You’re sure to find yours!

Participating is very easy! Let’s take a look at the steps:

1️. Download our game⬇️

War Legends – 4v4 Tank MOBA

War Legends is a Tank based MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) built on blockchain technology. It is set in a world…


2️. Go to Headquarters section and enter to Tank Editor Section :

3️. Customise your tank!

4️. Share your tank on the #share-your tank💥 Discord channel

Join the War Legends Discord Server!

Check out the War Legends community on Discord – hang out with 17,236 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.


5️⃣WIN these amazing prizes:

🥇 place gets a Gold Lootbox. $300

🥈 place gets a Silver Lootbox. $180

🥉place gets a Bronze Lootbox. $100

You can participate until the 23rd February at 20:00 CET!The War Legends Team will their 3 favourite designs on 24th Friday.

We’re looking forward to your amazing designs🤩!

Oh! Before you leave! Just 2 reminders!

These next few days are the end of two very important activities we have going on:

Weekly Single Player Tournament

The goal is to kill all 20 enemies in our Single-Player Mode as fast as possible!⏰ And that’s not all… every week we will mix it up and have something new for you: different maps, different enemy powers and a few other secret surprises, so it will never be the same as the last! It will get crazy!🤪

All the details here⬇️

War Legends — Weekly Single-Player Tournaments⚔️

Legends!🔥Discover our new weekly activity, and the juicy prizes behind it!


War Legends Treasure Hunt

According to our lore, we would like to invite you to a journey full of clues, puzzles, and a lot of war!😏So, are you ready to embark on a journey through the past and uncover the secrets of World War II? 👀Join us for an exciting online treasure hunt where you’ll follow hints, learning about the pivotal events and figures of the war.

All the details here⬇️

War Legends -Treasure Hunt🪙

According to our lore, we would like to invite you to a journey full of clues, puzzles, and a lot of war. Learn more…


See you in the front line, Legends!🥇

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