When you’re just starting out on War Legends things can get really overwhelming quickly! Luckily, here’s a comprehensive guide we made for all commonly asked questions for War Legends Initial NFT Offering (INO) this coming 20th September 2022, 3pm CEST | 9pm GMT+8. 😊

  1. When is the INO?
    A: 20th September 2022
  2. When is the IDO?
    A: Due to the current market, we are postposing the IDO some months.
  3. Which platforms can we purchase Lootboxes from?
    A: NFTb, Rainmaker, Gate.io, Liquidfty and of course, the War Legends website.
  4. When will we have another sale?
    A: Some time after releasing the game on the 20th of Oct.
  5. Who is qualified for playtesting?
    A: Everyone! We will announce the details for the playtesting soon when it is available.
  6. When can they playtest?
    A: Our Playtesting is already available! You can download our beta here: https://warlegends.co/
  7. Will there be rewards already during the launch?
    A: Early players will get unique rewards from the first season, that can’t be earned later on.
  8. Which features will be available during the launch?
    A: Multiplayer MOBA, Customization, Single Player, NFT Usages, P2E mechanics and Lootboxes.
  9. How many players will be catered during the launch? Is there a limit? is it limited only to those with NFTs during launch?
    A: There are currently no limits to the number of players who can play during the launch, nor will there be conditions required for players to start playing.
  10. Will the marketplace only accept $WAR tokens? Or will it also cater other tokens such as Matic?
    A: The marketplace will only accept $WAR tokens, but we will be looking to allow other tokens in the future. Stay tuned!
  11. In regards to competitions. Will there be any weekly, monthly and season ranking? Will there be exclusive rewards (i.e NFTs) per rank per season? Or only those at the top leaderboards will be able to claim exclusive rewards?
    A: There will be season rankings available, duration will be made available to players when the game is available. At the end of each season, players will receive exclusive rewards available to each tiered rank.
  12. Is there gonna be a marketplace at our website?
    A: Yes there is! You can find it here: https://market.warlegends.co/
  13. Is the pre-sale open for everyone?
    A: Yes it is! Do head to our website, https://warlegends.co/nft-presale/, and get your wallets ready!

War Legends is a military-themed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed on top of blockchain technology that functions as its metaverse and has non-fungible tokens (NFTs) alongside Play-to-Earn (P2E) elements.

War Legends is built by a team of experienced gaming and blockchain executives (Playchain Pte. Ltd in Singapore) and is pioneering the Gaming industry by adopting the latest trends and technologies such as yield-generating NFT assets and a growing player-owned economy with the potential to attract millions of gamers.

Official Links:

Pre-Sale Website: https://market.warlegends.co/

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