Ability Background

When we talk about enhanced ammunition we refer to the evolution of combined armor-piercing (BC) and high explosive (HE) projectiles, since the projectiles will mix functionalities of both to create the high-range projectile that is effective in multiple scenarios.

In this case, the projectiles are designed to go beyond hollow armor and reactive armor, in addition to avoiding ricochets on inclined surfaces: The first is solved by providing the projectile with a sharper point capable of penetrating the hollow part and the solid part of the vehicle at the time, along with an explosion from inside the projectile that causes it to pierce the hull, shattering it and generating shrapnel inside the cockpit.

The second drawback is the risk of the bullet ricocheting, because on certain surfaces at a certain angle the shot runs the risk of being ricocheted due to the lack of traction on both surfaces; To do this, the projectile point is provided with a coating of polymeric material similar to silicone, which at the moment of impact produces that attraction that prevents ricochet.

Thanks to the combination of both ballistic technologies, an enhanced ammunition is achieved that will be more powerful and destructive and at the same time more accurate.