Ability Background

Often in times of war, when metals such as steel or aluminum are in short supply, a situation occurs in which the production of new machinery stops.

This is why the armed forces of any country resort to recycling, that is, parts from other machines are used to reinforce others and even the captured enemy machinery and the one that is destroyed are used.

Military engineers and mechanics will scrap the old machinery, extracting everything that could be useful, engines, fuel tanks as well as armor parts.

Functional engines will be reserved as spares for other vehicles, if they are not, the pieces that are intact will be removed.
In the case of armored hull parts, two cases can occur:
They can be manipulated cold using shears, presses and other machinery to accommodate or adapt the existing one to another vehicle different from the one it belonged to.
or they can be melted down to create other new pieces that reinforce the existing ones, thus gaining in protection.