Ability Background

The Panzerfaust or armored fist was an anti-tank grenade launcher of German origin that was used in World War II.

It was used in such a way that once fired it had to be discarded. Its counterpart, the American Bazooka, was reusable.

It was cheap and very easy to use. The Panzerfaust became the most widely used anti-tank weapon and was mass-produced in 1944. It had a maximum range of 100 m and could penetrate armor up to 220 mm.

Aiming was done by observing through a sight which, when placed in position, simultaneously removed the weapon's safety catch.

The innovation of this weapon is the use of a hollow charge. This allows to create a high pressure port at the front and also the explosive charge explodes in such a way that it expands in all directions. In addition, its ease of use made it possible for young or older soldiers to cause great havoc with this weapon despite their less trained condition.