Ability Background

During the war various tactical maneuvers were developed for increased combat performance on the battlefield. One of the typical formations consisted of 4 tanks. Two forward in the center and one guarding each side. The mobility of the turrets made it possible with this formation to cover a fairly large flank-to-front angle. One of the two forward tanks commanded the formation while the side tanks mimicked his movements whether moving, stopping or firing. This concept was taken from the air forces and their maneuvers.

The formation could be balanced by giving more support to one side at the same time as to the front. Especially useful when fire had to be concentrated on one side. As the tanks were placed at some distance from each other, their firepower was not hindered from each other.

When they had to pass through narrow areas the four tanks were positioned in a row but moved a little laterally in an interspersed manner on each side in order to have a wide range of control on both sides.