Ability Background

Our hero calls for a heavy artillery attack on a position close to the base inflicting damage to the enemies.

During the Interwar Period new forms of artillery appeared, such as anti-aircraft guns, which were capable of exploding at a certain distance by means of a mechanical clockwork device that although the projectile does not hit the enemy aircraft, it explodes at its height causing severe damage. Another piece of the time is the anti-tank gun, converted in many cases from anti-aircraft guns, since its high exit velocity is ideal for piercing armor.

Since World War I the mortar had been perfected, converted into a lightweight tube mounted on a plate and bipod that can be carried by three or four men. Some models were fitted with wheels to move them more easily, and with rapid loading systems from the rear, with four projectiles that can fire very quickly, instead of the traditional muzzle loading, always maintaining the characteristic of mobility and support to the infantry.