Ability Background

Flamethrower tanks are tanks or even other combat vehicles that have been equipped with a flamethrower. These were used as support in combined attacks against fortifications or other obstacles.

These tanks were modifications of existing tanks with the main gun removed for a flamethrower. Sometimes the externally mounted coaxial gun was substituted.

The disadvantages of carrying a portable flamethrower disappeared when carried by a tank. Tanks carried it indoors, in external armored tanks or in an armored tank trailer behind the tank. Thanks to the power of a combat vehicle, flamethrowers could have more fuel and fire larger bursts and at greater distances.

However, it was not a very useful weapon when it came to shooting down other tanks. It was mainly used to besiege fortifications, to finish off enemy infantry and as a support weapon along with infantry.

When the infantry had effective anti-tank weapons at their disposal, the flamethrower became quite obsolete because they were not able to approach at the right distance without receiving devastating damage from enemy infantry.