Ability Background

When a tank suffered a breakdown, its difficult maintenance and repair could determine its use or abandonment.

The armor was prepared not only to resist the projectiles but also to deflect them. However, during the battle, the damage received could cause damage to its structure or those inside. A broken track meant the immobilization of the tank. A smart enemy would get out of firing range and easily attack his immobilized opponent.

An electrical problem would leave a tank out of options for a period of time when its crews would be forced to repair its breakdowns as quickly as possible under the pressure of enemy fire.

When a beleaguered tank could not move, one had to assess how easy its rescue might be, whether it was well defended, or whether one had the resources to get it out of the battle zone in a short lull.

Many times it was decided to abandon the tank because it was not worth the trouble to remain exposed inside it while the enemy lines advanced. A stationary tank was an easy target for infantry grenades or heavy artillery weapons fire.