Ability Background

During the war on many fronts the weather wreaked havoc on the non-native armies of the area. Several of the battles suffered from the harassment of the weather in a decisive way in their defeat.
One of the best known examples was General Winter.

General Winter is the name given to the Russian winter, which lasts approximately 5 months and is known for its low temperatures and the difficulties it causes to transportation.

Many times these weather conditions have helped the Russians in the war. When the German troops advanced on their way to Moscow, the most extreme winter on record at the time appeared. Temperatures of -28 ºC and raspútitsa managed to stop the German advance and helped the Soviets win the Battle of Stalingrad.

Other parts of the world also experienced extreme weather phenomena. One of the areas with the worst weather conditions for foreigners was Africa.

In Africa the Ghibli could last for days and caused unbearable heat and extreme fatigue during all hours of sunshine. Sandstorms could reach up to 100 km/h and obstructed vision as well as wreaking havoc on the endurance of those who crossed it. In the desert it was also important to have concrete survival instruction. Knowing how to hold water and how to shelter were key to survival.