Introducing War Legends — The MOBA War NFT game

War Legends is a military themed based MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game and metaverse built on blockchain technology.

It is the first release of an entire war ecosystem developed on the blockchain. This is the starting point of a new paradigm in the gaming sector, decentralized and of which you can actively participate in multiple ways.

Fight in different war scenarios based on the most famous battles of WW2: Normandy, East front, North Africa Campaign and Pacific, with wide variety of game modes to suitable for all players.

As a user of the War Legends universe, you can earn cryptocurrency in the following ways:

  • Winning battles against other users.
  • Finishing in the top positions on a race
  • Selling Tanks to other players
  • Winning Achievements like being TOP in rankings
  • Renting your base to other players
  • Staking your token obtaining a yearly APR

More exciting announcements on news and airdrops to come, do follow us for more.


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