Exclusive pre-sale NFT Lootboxes: 20th September💥

The countdown has begun!

Don’t miss out our exclusive loot box pre-sale on 20 September.📅

War Legends is a unique combination, where the adrenaline and frenzy of a MOBA meet the latest blockchain technology, creating a pioneer game in the market!🎮

Are you ready? Because we are!

Discover the 1.500 limited loot boxes📦 that will prepare you for war! If you want to be a true legend…then keep reading this post!

Our loot boxes are divided into 3 typesbronze🥉, silver🥈 and gold🥇. Each lootbox contains 5 NFTs, which have 4 levels of rarity, from common to legendary: ⚪Common 🔵 Rare 🟣 Epic 🟡 Legendary.

Our main NFTs as we presented in our post, are divided into tanks🪖, heroes🦸 and abilities🗡️, which are interconnected in order to create different strategies that will lead you to the victory.🏆

Therefore, we have a total of 228 different NFTs, giving us a total of 7,500 NTFS to sell in this limited pre-sale. We emphasize its limitation because the price💰 of this pre-sale will be unique ✨for the occasion, so we don’t want you to miss it!

Get all the information, and details in the following link⬇️

NFT Presale

Join the battle by taking advantage of our exclusivePre-Sale NFT Loot Boxes! Prepare to start off your journeyand get…


Are you excited? 🤩

Remember! Save the date: 20th of September !📅 Get ready Legends, the victory is almost here!🎖️ …and it will be really HUGE!🔥

We would like to take this opportunity to remind our recruitment of Guild Partners and Content Creators.

We are looking forward to guild partners, our main goal is to create a strong Guild Partnership Program🤝 committed to our game, The program will be available to everyone.

Fill in our form and join the War Legends team!⚔

And if you are a content creator, we have good news for you too! Our team is searching people to create a huge community👥 eager to enjoy and share their achievements in our game, while at the same time earning, they are having fun.🎮

Fill in our form and join the War Legends team!⚔


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