Discover the best strategy to get the victory in War Legends!🏆

Today we want to share with you the first strategy to get the victory in War Legends!

The first step is to get our weapons and abilities!💥

As you know next 20th September📅 we will have our Exclusive Pre-sale NFT! So it’s your opportunity to get well-equipped! Don’t miss it!

Unlock your tanks, heroes, and abilities early!⚔️

All the cards in your own will be reflected in your personal NFT Catalog where you can find all the historical background📜 and information regarding themℹ️. So, with all the elements prepared, it’s the turn to customize!

As we advanced in some occasions you will have a Tank Editor🎨 to personalize your tank as you want. You will be able to do as designs you want! Will be your team the coolest one?😎

And now… It’s time! We have already all what we need: Tanks personalized, heroes and abilities! So, it’s time to play!

As a player you will fight in different war scenarios based on the most famous battles of WW2🪖: Normandy, East front, North Africa Campaign and Pacific, with wide variety of game modes suitable for all players.

We want to bring you the best gaming experience in our pioneer game in the market!🎮You will be able to meet the adrenaline of a MOBA along with the most advanced technology at the moment, the blockchain technology! 🔧

And it’s not just us saying that, we have the best partners and investors backing us. The following list is growing day by day, and we cannot stay more excited🤩. Our main goal is to take you in a next step o the Web3gaming experience. So be prepared to battle!💣

Furthermore, we are preparing many activities with our partners such like AMA’s, lucky draws, play testing, tournaments…

So, we kindly invite you to stay tuned to all our social media channels, to don’t miss anything!

Legends! Be prepared for what is coming!🔥

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