Discover the 3 NFTs of War Legends!🔥

Hi Legends!👋

As you know, our game is a military-themed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed on top of blockchain technology that functions as its own metaverse and has non-fungible tokens (NFTs) alongside Play-to-Earn (P2E) elements.

But how can we lead our team to victory?🏆

Today we will reveal the 3 main NFT elements of War Legends, which are interconnected and are the key to winning any battle!⚔️

These 3 elements have different rarities, divided in that way:

⚪Common 🔵 Rare 🟣 Epic 🟡 Legendary

Following this introduction, let’s get started!

To fight, the first thing we will need is our weapon: the combat tanks!🪖

These are based on the real representation of historical vehicles📜 that were used on each side. Furthermore, their characteristics do not just establish the basis of your battle role, if not, they will bring to you real differences on the battlefield: speed, power💥 defence🛡️

Among our NFT’s you will find tanks such as a powerful Tiger-I or a quick Cromwell.

Some NFT Tanks

Once we have our weapon…we need someone to run it, and this is where our Heroes NFT cards come in!🦸

These NFT cards are inspired by characters from the Second World War💣. As good leaders, each one gives the team a different passives and unlocks 🔓different skill slots that allow you to put a higher or lower quality skill before the battle.

Some NFT Heroes

Talking about quality skills, here is when comes the third NFT elementthe ability cards!🗡️ These will be active skills that the player can pick prior to starting a game. As I mentioned before, these are limited by the equipped Hero.

Some NFT Abilities

There will be a huge diversity of cards🃏. These are linked with all the strategy skills that you need to carry out the best strategy for your team.

As you can see…the three elements are interrelated🔃. And they are key to carrying out the best planning to achieve victory.🥇

Now, you may be wondering🤔… how can I get these three NFT’s? I need all of them now!

You can win this NFTs little by little playing our game, or, if you want to take advantage…we will have an exlusive pre-sale of Lootboxes!❤️‍🔥

These pack features have different probabilities that will give players access to higher-quality NFTs🔝. Each loot box contains 5 NFTs, its rarity is defined by the price of the pack.

For more details about NFT Pre-Sale please click here >>

Stay tuned, the battle is almost ready to begin!🔥


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